not just any beer blog…

Welcome to!

This website is where I will post news and articles about things that matter to me. And the things that matter to me, for the most part include:

  • Beer Tastings (my reviews of the brews I’m trying)
  • Beer Events (festivals, special events, etc.)
  • Brewery Spotlights (a closer look at certain breweries for any variety of reasons: new, unique, etc.)
  • Style Investigations (a closer look at a particular beer style, including characteristics, changes, etc.)
  • Homebrewing (news and status updates not only about my homebrew projects, but also the hobby in general)
  • Recipes (could be beer, might be food that goes with beer)
  • Foodie Events & News (farmers’ markets, festivals, etc.)

You’ll find the main menu running across the top of the site (along the bottom edge of the beer bottle graphic). Home is of course the page you are on now – the “Front Page.” Next is View All Articles which takes you to the blog/article section of the site and lists all articles written in reverse chronological order (with the newest on top). There is also the About Me page which talks briefly about the reason for this site, essentially. On the right of the screen, you’ll find a “block” that provides you with a listing of the 10 most recent articles/posts on the site. With these two systems, you can essentially see everything the site has to offer. For now, comments are enabled unless there’s an influx of spam collected. We’ll see what happens and make changes accordingly. Enjoy the site, and thanks for stopping by!